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PBM (Commercial) Photographic WAS STARTED IN THE EARLY 80'S SERVING A WIDE RANGE OF COMMERCIAL CLIENTS, GOVERNMENT & EDUCATIONAL BODIES as well as meeting the photographic & now the web, needs of individuals as well as corporate clients. Services range from single person ID / CV pictures to event coverage.

Since 2008 in addition to the core photographic business PBM now provides filming, editing  video service, as well as hire of professional video camera equipment.

Hiring professional equipment enables commercial customers with an occasional requirement for video content for in-house training videos to keep costs under tight control.

Factors in looking at estimating your staff time involved in video work:

  • Video has to be first captured, as a guide allow between two to three times the final ‘running time’ of any segment, for extra ‘takes’
  • Captured footage then needs to be transferred to your PC or MAC via a Firewire connection, allow about one & a half to two times the recorded time to transfer.
  • Clips then need to be edited, text & graphics added, etc. etc. for a basic production start with about twice the running time as an estimate
  • Final video is ‘rendered’ into the required format, once the render is started it is simply a case of leaving your computer to ‘crunch the files’ on it’s own, normally an estimate of the time this will take is given, rendering over lunch (or over night) is best!


The above Introduction to Face of Freedom 2010 was filmed by Murray of PBM Photographic using the JVC, in Widescreen DV. The camera was mounted on the Fluid Head tripod, video was recorded on to miniDV tape, captured on to hard drive and edited in Premier Pro C2, additional equipment was the Remote Focus handle and Electronic Remote Zoom Controller, a live (composite) video feed was provided to the background projection, Additional Audio recording was made (hand held digital recorder) the following day for the Voice Over used in the movie.

Additional equipment (not used for this event) available for hire for Live Presentations includes a JVC video desk with Text Generation facilities permitting simple fades etc. of the video single to be fed to you Plasma Screens/Projection Units

ProHD Equipment Hire:

Basic package (charged per day/part day) is 200 pounds + VAT

  • Pro JVC DV/HDV Video camera (records to miniDV tape)

Included with the camera & lens is the following:

  • Fluid head tripod
  • Battery charger/camera mains power unit (if required)

Basic +Plus package (charged per day/part day) is 220 pounds + VAT

  • Remote (wired) 2nd microphone
  • ‘Tripod Dolly’, wheeled tripod platform (for use on smooth flat surfaces)
  • ‘Dead Cat’ wind shield for the mic when filming outdoors to cut wind noise

Advanced package:

In addition to the items in the basic package, the camera can also be set to record (in a variety of video formats) to a remote Firestore 100Gb HHD ‘DTE’ (Direct to Edit)

Hire of the Firestore is charged at 100 pounds + VAT per full day, no charge on day of return if before noon.

  • Firestore FS-100 (a firewire enabled remote drive, stores your raw footage in a number of video options) this is in addition to the footage being recorded to the miniDV tape
  • Spare battery/charger/power unit/Firewire cables Etc.

MiniDV tapes can be supplied on ‘sale or return’ (unopened tapes) at 4 pounds + VAT per tape used. The miniDV tape is your long term backup of the ‘raw’ footage so keep it safe!

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